Leica Leica

3rd July 2014


Yesterday I was lucky enough to be running a workshop for Leica. The day looked at challenging how we interact with strangers and how we form connections with those we photograph.

Greeted by a dashing man dressed in smart attire and 6 eager students from Ravensbourne we found ourselves with 7 new Leica M240 camera series to play with. So with a sun soaked London awaiting us we embarked on the list of tasks I had set us all.  The cameras were a reminder of my early days as a student. My camera was an essential part of my wardrobe and I loved roaming around London shooting Ilford 100 and then watching crappy TV with a dark bag in my room that evening feeding the rolls onto spools.



So I went off and tested the little beaut and was surprised to find I actually enjoyed exploring London. Perhaps it was the toy but I began to see the space in a different way. The couple I met below in Green Park are called Jessica and John. They met online over 10 months ago and Jessica flew over from Ohio to meet him. 7 weeks on is where I met them slumped and relaxed and relishing their final week together before she heads back to the States…

The final part of the day held drama as one poor young man fell ill and collapsed. Sprayed out on the shop floor we joked at how his encounter with two post men led to his fate…lesson learnt, never trust a free pint from a postman.