1st March 2013

Throwing caution to the wind and fearing nothing Ill post a very much work in progress piece
I miss painting and drawing and nag myself to remember the simple methods that relate to all practice…composition, tone, lines, space and color… I ‘ve been toying with polaroid for a while now, relishing the archaic motions of the beasty 180 and marveling as the bellow squeak open…however I am treating it as a toy and one that reminds me of the joy of the unpredictable image. I like that control is stripped to a huge degree with Polaroid. The risk lies not just in the exposure but also in the film itself.

A tug too soft or too hard when releasing the film can both destroy and perfect an image. The addicted gambler in me loves the idea that to a certain degree I will never know exactly how my image will look.

I decided recently to push this idea further…. you know…really bugger it up for myself and to a certain degree oppose the pressure I feel when constructing an image. I ‘ve decided to work with the how photography attaches itself in many ways to memory. By composing my image in stages my task is to construct the image over several multiple exposures, keeping in mind the previously shot frames that will contribute to my final image.

Leaving one frame in the camera over several days, having already shot 2 or 3 exposures ,my task is visualize a predicted image in order for my next exposure to compliment the picture

Will the sign in the shop window I photographed on Wednesday bleed over the portrait I took on Friday? Will the red balloon sit neatly within the trees I shot two weeks later?

It’s fun carefully painting an image and reminds me to compose my images gradually, stripping the elements before replacing them

polaroid_0002aa polaroid_0002aa

I have no idea if it interests others, works aesthetically or improves my practice…however it’s fun and keeping me away from the betting shops. Oao xx