It’s alive!

20th June 2014

My baby has finally been returned…. still slightly poorly but just about well enough to deliver a very delayed post..
The past few weeks of technical meltdowns has tested my patience and my desire to run away is surfacing. Here are a few from the last Romanian trip

The first is from a lush stroll alone in the early morning. The rubble lined streets lay still and the cripsy air woke me up sharply. I meandered between the local small streets and soon concluded that everyone would be sleeping for some time. It was frustrating as the morning light was a teasing palette and I felt an itch to shoot . As I was just about to abandon my stroll and grab a cuppa I saw this man cycling away from a house. He reminded me of a postman and it looked like he had delivered or collected something so in my head his story unravelled. It was a intimate feeling  to shoot the only other person seemingly awake in a sleepy town.

The second is from a day when Andrei and I attempted to chase down the rabbit lady. We missed her but  found this lady sat in a shaded bar who suggested when would be best to return. Merging into the background of the dark room, she explained she was her cousin and kindly invited us to join a wedding at the church the following morning. It was a reminder once again of how warm each stranger we met was towards us…