Image of the week… It was impossible not to meditate on the train

27th June 2023

It was impossible not to meditate on the train ride to Tropea, the journey was as stunning as the destination. A conveyer belt of forest, sea, and small village scenes reeled past the window for a few hours.
When I arrived I wandered around before the siesta fell and deadened even the tourist spots. The silent hush was calming but not enough of a visual buzz so I headed for a relaxing swim.
Rain fell as snoozers began to surface. For the final hours before the only train home I wanted to explore further out and struck gold when I saw two beautiful children excitedly playing out front.
I approached their parents and luckily for me, Invaguana’s English was perfect. We talked about her hometown in Albania and I showed her kids my magical old camera. We shot a few frames of each other. The homemade cape for me was an essential item that her daughter sported; displaying her creative doodles.
It was a brief and beautiful encounter. I would love to see them next time when no doubt much will have changed. OAO x