Image of the week… “Fernandez and Wells?”

26th June 2023

“Fernandez and Wells?”

“Yes, I’m here”

“Me too”

“I’m wearing a black top and I’m in the corner”

“Um are you the girl crying?…”


“Oh wait, Fernandez and Wells in Somerset House?”

“No! The one in Soho”


Some many years ago dearest Ruby and I eventually had our first date in the same Fernandez and Wells.
After months of being pen pals whilst I travelled we built a deep connection and this instantaneously translated when we met 3D
We enjoyed a fun summer romance and then decided with mutual love that we should be friends, but not just acquaintances. The kind of friends that grow old together and have too many tales to tell.
She is one of my dearest and with the serendipity of too many double egg yolks one morning she realised she was home to a beautiful angel. Emmanuel now 22 months is full of bounce and wonder. This was a little shoot we did that is part of a wider project. I feel blessed that his little soul is just as open and loving as that of Ruth’s and I look forward to all the adventures ahead.
Oao x

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