Eggs and toothpicks

9th November 2018

I always get a little anxious about shooting in front of others.

The workshop was only a day and on crutches that slowed it down to a frustrating pace. I’m learning with every workshop I do. My aim is always to have one to one time with students and ensure that a large part of the day is practical. I avoid performing a YouTube video rant. The group all asked to see me shoot and with a ‘tumble-weed’ atmosphere at siesta time we decided I should take a portrait of someone in the group.


Nuno has a magnetic face. Eyes of sorrow that draw you in and a quiet compelling air of mystery.

As soon as we talked I adored his frankness

He has a straight dark sense of humor and a calm confidence – I felt like I could speak to him and be myself – no effort- no pretense and no limits

At lunchtime we talked about how we could make the portrait more fun. I collected a handful of props and we began to brainstorm

Whilst slowly starting our walk I spotted a white wall and thought of the egg. Balancing on one foot and a kindly donated chair I relayed between different cameras. One student asked why. Because it’s fun I replied. There was no hidden concept or use of symbolism, this moment was about celebrating how free and confident Nuno was, how this quiet seeming soul has balls of steel and a cracking sense of humour