Double walks…

8th August 2014

Yup …late

Ho hum… well this week brought lots of play, test shoots for new projects with a mix of fun commissions. I went on a lovely walk with new company in Deptford..untrodden land for my feet. I was greeted by friendly locals and plenty of pound shops. I ve been continuing my double exposures and relishing the process. It is testing my memory, composition skills and a refreshing way of approaching image making. These are from the walk.

This lady on the phone had so many different expressions, her face would tempt any earwigger and as we stepped off the bustling high street into this bakery I almost turned fluorescent . I didn’t get to talk with her or engage which was unusual and so I waited for a long time for a sign languaged agreement for a picture. She remained engaged in conversation for a long time whilst I stood shooting. It was strange, three people in a glowing orange bakery with only two physically present.


Next week Ill aim for an engaging tale.. oh and to be on time 😉 OAO x