Deja vu

18th July 2013

dm 001

I feel like I’ve seen this image before. I have no idea where or if I am imagining it.

This blissful weather that I pray will never end is stimulating my desire to run away and spend time alone and in an anonymous place. I’m craving adventures and impatiently ignoring my recovering foot injury. Instead I am hopping on trains with a heavy camera bag and a massive book that I still can’t put down ( or finish – I am procrastinating the ending)

On a recent stroll in Bognor Regis I felt an urge to walk new routes and stretch my legs. It was nostalgic to head to the coast as I haven’t done so for a while. The crusty train map is well marked off but with little accomplished in various destinations.

Undecided on where to trek I headed to Victoria and picked the next train to water. The heat made me want to see and smell the sea. Unfortunately by the time I felt like a dip the sun was setting and the courage in me faded. This was a sensible relief as the air conditioning violently blasted on the long return journey.

After following my nose I spotted this frame. When the moment occurred it felt familiar, almost like I had met this man before… I just didn’t know where or when. After a short stay and a major lack of picture taking I promised an earlier set off next time.

These romantic summer nights are bliss I can only hope they’ll last so that my foot can heal and once again I can take a walk alone. Despite the long days of light I feel a huge lack of picture taking and increasingly frustrated….where to next?