Courgettes everywhere

7th November 2014

This weeks post is a commission for The Sunday Times and The Saturday Telegraph. Ideally I would like to post some recent personal work but I ll have to be patient . Next Thursday I will also be revealing some exciting news too.

These two gorgeous lasses were the sisters I shot for a relative values food special. Obsessed with courgettes we loaded the scene with veg and left them to play with their Heston invention. As you can imagine the girls were great fun and with a little red wine as fuel they managed to churn out a fair bit of courgette spagetti..

Image two is Nick Hornby. A long game of ‘guess the name of my children’ kept his attention almost long enough to take his portrait. It’s always a challenge when your subject HATES being photographed. All I guess I can do is empathise, distract and work calmly and efficiently..oao x