Image of the week… Chapter 2 – Tales from the Dübener Heide forest

25th June 2023

Chapter 2 – Tales from the Dübener Heide forest
One eye-two eyes- three eyes
The idyllic farm land housed us for 2 days of my visit. One of my favourite moments was watching Julia clamber into a wheelbarrow in the bag of the van as we rode to a garden party in the next village. Julia is kind but bold, intelligent and a pure grafter. She wakes around 4 am to tend to the animals; horses, goats, pigs. Then she continues to work the land until late. I wanted any time with her to be relaxed and stress free.
After some fresh Rhubarb and cream with tea she was eager to hear more about the project. Despite meeting in November the work has evolved and some of my requests to make images were a little surreal. As I explained the tales I was influenced by both her an her daughter Antonia agreed to take part with a twinkle of excitement in their eyes. Antonia held her breath and sat still as I drew a third eye on her forehead. This was from the tale where 3 sisters have 1 eye, 2 and then 3. The only one that can cry is the one with two eyes, the most human of traits.
OAO x @janstradtmann @passageartresidency 🙏🏽for making this possible 😘