Catch up with EG

6th June 2013

As the barriers closed , a rosy cheeked Miss Graham ran towards the closing doors of the train and we soon settled into the pace of a relaxing short trip to Folkestone. More than a year has passed since our first little adventure involving disused train tracks, scampering youth and climbing into neglected buildings. Fed up with the smoke we were both craving the salty sea breeze.

After much joy in a community fair sifting through hidden gems we headed to the seafront with heavy bags full of candle stick holders and old jewellery . Instantly the rat’s tail hair cuts of two young lads seduced me and I went down to the front to talk to them. They were brothers and appeared surprisingly patient and maturely polite. We small talked and after a bit of giggling I played around with the polaroid camera too.

Unfortunately the local scanner being broken means that all I can post is the polaroid results of our moment. Im now yearning to escape further and for longer…. adventures please…oao x