Better late than never

20th April 2013

Oooooo dear, this IS a late post…tsk tsk… however the excuse of being in Geneva with snail pace Internet is my saving grace. Barely viewing html gmail was a clear indicator that blog uploading would be a mission.

So as the rules state find two images attached. These are from an assignment from The Sunday Times printed in Feb. The feature focused on reality TV shows and questioned the affect it can have on children. Both as stars themselves or family members of participants.

This lovely young lad Danny bravely survived his mother’s performance and his laid back attitude to the whole scenario was inspiring. At an age where embarrassment can seem traumatic he reacted with a sense of humor, unfazed by any teasing. He saw the reality of the incident and it was a relief to see how he had maturely dealt with what could have been a horrible experience with such ease.

Jet lag has struck so I’ m off to the nest x