21st September 2014


I was dabbling with if to just skip a week or post bashfully. Opting for the latter here are a couple of images. One from the Portland trip and the other from some time experimenting and playing with ideas for Romania
Regressing back to my days in the darkroom I decided to play with the idea of the mortality of the film itself in relation to my project. Using film that expired on the year I was born I pushed this concept further by brutalising the unexposed film prior to a test shoot. With a few rolls of abused film, Andrei and I headed to test.Some of the film had been covered in vinegar and other substances used to pickle or keep things from rotting, some rolls had been scratched into; bearing the marks and scars we penetrate before death. It was fun to really mess about with how to treat the film all within the confinements of a dark bag. Shooting on black and white was a nostalgic and convenient way to process the films myself as no lab would touch the infected rolls.

Although the images resulted in nothing but sketch book material it was refreshing to play with freedom and wonder ….back to the drawing board…OAO x