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27th November 2019

When experimenting with alternative processes there are three most likely outcomes. The one you expected, the pleasant surprise or the disappointment.
This was the latter.
I’ve been experimenting with an analogy technique for years now and still can’t quite master it. This means I think I need to stop being so lazy and carefree and actually do some scientific research…

However, in the meantime I’m looking back at the images and wondering what doesn’t work both image and technique-wise. Strong sunlight works well, but overexposing can also look crud.

I decided to use this specific process for a town I visited in Tasmania, as I believe the technique should marry concept. Queenstown residents believe there was an extraordinary polluting event that has turned the Queen River a deeper shade of orange. It seemed fitting to use a process where the film only came back orange and red. However, in practice this isn’t a simple process. The prep alone requires patience and skill, which fortunately I had in the form of a friend who helped me. This meant my frames were precious. On both of our visits, we often saw camera crews strolling around Queenstown and for good reason. I could easily stay and there a while and really explore it. It’s like a deserted film set oozing character. To really understand it I would need to spend longer but walking around the quiet perimeters was unique… next year I hope.oao x