Back to Texas

21st December 2018

The main memory I have of this day were the puppies. Those little silky black pups wooed me in with their luminous eyes as I walked around the quiet estate.They followed me tripping over rocks as they gazed up adoringly. I spent most of my time with a friendly young guy who took me under his wing and helped me find some dog food. Little did I know that day would curse me later in the week when I bathed in camomile lotion and knocked back boxes of antihistamines.

Before meeting the troublesome canine gang I stopped off to get a cold drink at the shop and met this young boy. I asked to take his picture and he was in a hurry but agreed. I often find myself doing double exposure in black and white. It’s less complicated and I find my head is clearer knowing I don’t have to navigate the clashing or complimenting of colors. I’m dreaming of that Texas heat right now.