As promised …

21st May 2015


Punctual = YAY

I delved into the archive for this frame as my baby is still at the docs. This one is an oldie from a Romanian trip….I really am craving an adventure of some sort soon

This fella kindly stood silently for me some years ago now when I first visited a weekend market. The hustle & bustle of the market was no different than any other but the mud and smell soon hit the back of my throat. With animals howling and snorting everywhere I looked, the chaos soon overwhelmed my ability to see a frame. None the less I saw this guys’ face and thought it was worth an attempt. His kind eyes and still composure amongst the clutter was refreshing. However his attention was swiftly preoccupied and my opportunity was whisked away as quickly as it was introduced.  Engrossed in conversation I had now lost his gaze.

I like the markets. They thrive with energy and character and I like that even if you have no desire to make a purchase you cant help but leave with something, even if it’s just a quick frame