Another tradition

24th December 2015


At 6 am the screaming squealing foxes. We head out early in the rain and arrive just in time to see the huge beast being dragged reluctantly across the path. It’s heart breaking and painful to witness but I have already mentally prepared myself. I have always believed that the greatest emotion is hope it is so firmly interwoven with survival. This pig wanted to live…. it oozed life.
In Romania pigs are the victims rather than turkeys. Slaughters start a week or so before Christmas and last year I was invited to a few rituals in the mountains. The thing that surprised me most is how heavy a pig is. I hadn’t even considered that it would take 7 men hold it down.

I wish I could return sooner for an adventure and see the mountains in their true beauty painted in snow. It’s a rarity I escape further than the suburbs for Christmas and last year was a treat to be in such isolated surroundings. I’m craving some space.

I hope that in the lull of the quiet week you find some peace, clear your mind and share some love. OAO xx

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