21st November 2014

Generalising on a nation would be madness wouldn’t it?

However I wonder how many people would welcome strangers to gate-crash their family picnic in the woods on a calm Sunday afternoon? Then insist they join, share their home made food and drinks and relax in the company of their relatives?

Welcome to Romania.

Perhaps I have been lucky but it seems that when with a Romanian speaking friend I have been blessed with co-operation, kindness, patience and warmth. This is not to say that this has been the case on every occasion. I have also encountered many a rude soul. However those that have been kind have been exceptional.

We drove past this family after the testing ‘moon shot'( to be explained in the future). Frustrated, hungry and tired we headed for our rip-off hotel but I spotted the idyllic scene of a family gathering around a BBQ. I ummmed and arrrrred and decided to return…just for one shot…….

Beautifully cooked meat, chips and fresh sauces were handed to us with no acceptance of any refusals and we were introduced to all the in-laws. Andrei managed to escape the Tuica drill and I too adamantly refused ( embarrassed but stubborn that alcohol would simply make me feel sick and stop any productiveness that day) Poor Katherine took one,two,three,four for the team and giggled the whole journey back.

What lovely people, I wish we could have stayed longer but the day was still young.

OAO xx