Hold on tight!

18th May 2018

It’s been a mad rush but tonight we launch in the Safehouse 1 at Peckham24 festival. With little sleep and livers the size of raisins, Rhiannon and I are proud to present another joint project. Collaborations can be challenging but our friendship began with an effortless kinship from day one. Joined at the hip, we enjoy the bouncing of ideas and share a mutual appreciation for the beauty in mistakes. Our walks are filled with giggling banter and neighboring ears often edge closer when we vent our brains without a filter on a train.

This project has been a fun and experimental response to The Peckham experiment (A eugenics experiment that took place between 1926 and 1950.) Each resident within a one-mile radius of the health center were routinely subject to tests in order to assess and improve their health. Working with modern day Peckham residents within the same one-mile radius we decided to introduce this concept into the process.

After taking each family members’ portrait we let the roll of film sit in their own sample of urine, blood or stool. (Provided with bewilderment). We often found ourselves precariously carrying a bag full of jars of warm piss on the over ground. After a week or more we washed the film and handed it over to a reluctant but loyal Cos at labyrinth photographic and waited for the results. Each film has a unique imprint of both the inside and the outside of each subject.

Please join us tonight and find out more as we launch in Safehouse 1 139 Copeland rd at Peckham24 festival.

TONIGHT  6 -11pm

sat 10- 7, sun 10-6  Artist talk at 2pm