Ghost town

11th May 2017

Eerie did not and cannot define this isolated and forgotten town. We cruised around in last light at a snails pace, curb crawling the empty ghostly shells of buildings. The atmosphere was amplified by not a single soul to be seen. What happened here? The tease of this place was that capturing the buildings would never do the place justice. It was a filmmakers dream and the setting was a perfect backdrop to the tale. However I did not want to stay here; neither of us did. We were hesitant to even spend then night. I can’t explain it but something just felt ‘wrong’. It was bizarre, as I have never wanted to leave a place so rich in potential yet so heavy in negative ambience. One night at least, that s what we agreed. With still no one in sight the next day Andrei and I played frustratingly amongst the incredible scenes. The first exhibition opened tonight in Paris… the big party is tomorrow… OAO x come along! x