4th January 2018


My mum squeals as the Mule balances on a ridge overlooking a mighty ditch. My sister revs the engine and shoots me a daring smile. She raises her eyebrows looking for my support as I thrillfully chant for her to risk the jump. It had been done before. Could she navigate this ditch or would we capsize?

Mum furiously clambers across me, almost slipping out of her wellies.

Still reluctantly emerging from the holiday period I thought it would be apt to post a family pic. My beaut of a sister has decided to get married next year and her dashing prince’s family have an epic woodland to accommodate the big day. Our joint family get-togethers now often involve walking around the gorgeous woodland whilst fending off the little hounds.

In the brutal cold of winter I managed to persuade them to pose for a family snap. They patiently let me play with my 5×4 and Hassey until my fingers jammed and we all retreated to defrost.

The next frame is an out take from the Felicity Jones shoot I stumbled across the other day.

Happy new year all OAO x