Dreamy lakes

25th August 2016

The intense heat was relentless. As the crack of the broken passenger window let in a slight breeze I sucked in as much as I could.  Never one to moan about the summer weather I relished the feeling on my cheek and looked out to the beautiful Tuscan hills. Soon we entered a small gravel road laden with thick forage. The bulky van clumsily grappled the road and eventually we parked up and began walking.

The path soon turned into forest and my dainty plimsolls struggled to keep up. 20 minutes later and all slightly out of breath we approached a serene and very silent lake. It was wild, calm, dreamy. We explored the 3 coves available and I opted for a much needed snooze.

I awoke a while later to see the sun had dropped and the water even more tempting. The group were shooting each other at a far cove and I greeted them with hazy eyes and they explained they were finished and up for leaving. soon. I said I’d walk on as I had spotted some people I wanted to photograph.

Some scenes when stumbled across are like a sunset, they can’t be justified with a camera. The light was soft but not in the right direction but I was seduced. The naked family looked tranquil. They appeared so alive; the youngsters swinging off ropes, the adolescent boy juggling and the father with his long hair quietly watching on with a restful smile. They began to pack away so I requested a few rushed frames. It wasn’t long enough and I failed to balance the act of conversation and image taking . Perhaps I needed to shoot less and talk more or think more and shoot less. All I know is that the scene inspired me and mirrored my feelings towards the setting.

Begrudgingly I needed to leave but Zoe and I managed a brief dive into the bottomless ice cold lake. The water was infinite and the sensation was immeasurable. Oao xx