15th March 2018

I complained because my room smelt of dogs, I think someone washed one in the bath. It’s day two of my escape to Scotland. Who knows why I’m here but the beauty, silence and change are invaluable.


I cheat and take the stair lift and thank myself for returning to collect my huge fur coat. The chill bites my face as I ascend and the beautiful silence is overwhelming. It feels emotional. Now and again I imagine the chair breaking and plummeting into the fluff below.

Hoping off, I suddenly feel like I’ve accidently wandered into heaven. The white is blinding and I feel dazed. Skiers are dashing off into the clouds as I head for a stroll. I’m soon warm and slightly hesitant as my thighs occasionally disappear into the snow. Oozing heat, I reach the summit. I lean against a rock and gaze below .It won’t photograph; I already know this but whip out my Hasselblad anyway. I want to mark this moment.

The route back is much easier as I establish I can pick up great speed on my bum. Sledging occasionally I feel giddy with joy. The powder sprays as I roll onto my feet again and arrive back to a smiling chair lift attendant.

“That looked like a good walk?”

“It was great, “ I say before lining myself up anxiously hoping I don’t misjudge the chair; it scoops me up without a pause.

As I head down I begin to try and shoot the passengers heading in the opposite direction… It doesn’t work. They also look at me like I’m a maniac. Doesn’t quite work…hmm maybe Ill retry tomo

I wonder if this bath smells any better