4th October 2012

The clock beat me as I scanned so the image I wanted to post still waits to be revealed but meanwhile this is a peek of Nicoli. I spotted Alex and Nicoli as they boarded a train a few weeks ago. After momentary thumb twiddling hesitation on wether to ask, I was relieved when their mum kindly agreed to let me take their picture on a later date.

This was the first attempt at the shoot and unfortunately Nicoli was winning the battle against me, eager to fight with gritted teeth and tears, he was simply not in the mood.

I managed a few snaps but he was not completely on board. Alex however was great but the sun was not on my side so I hope they’ll be up for round two…

With a bout of man flu Ill keep this short n sweet and in future post the image that marries this story.. OAO xx