Plain and simple, black & white

20th September 2012

I rarely shoot black and white. Like changing format I select my image differently and appropriately.

This commission was a lovely personal one. A friend and supporter asked me to photograph her children. Two boys whose mental age were far beyond my own but who were under 12 in human years.

The client hates the typical cheesy children’s portraits and asked for a few strong, slightly sullen portraits of her children that displayed an essence of their characters. It is tricky to capture someone if you don’t know them and all I could do was attempt to engage with them, absorb who they were and be aware of any distinct features.

At the end of a shoot I am forever disappointed with my work and instantly analyze how I would re do the shoot. I impatiently accept this reality but feel the most productive way to deal with these thoughts is to analyze and access my technique and approach to learn and grow for next time.

The boys were an absolute joy to shoot. Well mannered, patient and enthused they really got stuck in and made the day a fun one (despite us failing to catch any deer as extras in the background.)

I wanted them to take portraits of each other. So as the shoot drew to a close I curled over them individually holding the Hasselblad still whilst they enthusiastically immersed their face into the tiny viewer and directed the other. I realized how my creativity had been surpassed in seconds. I envy children. Not just for their life of fun and innocence but for their overflowing creative thoughts. Creativity comes naturally, social confirming, heavy influence or self-doubt does not overshadow it, and they simply breathe it…. Peter Pan had it all …OAO.. x