‘It all went black’….. a little late..shhhhh

13th August 2010

Surprise bloody surprise, she sadly gets another one in late..shame.. ok so alas above is titled ” roll 1 of 19.. it all went black”.. perhaps it is finally time to accept the death of the baby Bronica?.. I have a glimpse of hope within my soul..

In the mean time due to a) my crudness at a late post and b)the disaster

I have attached an image from the ybn trip.. 3 frames of the 19 rolls came out and this was one of them.. it’s not a fave but I think it deserves a place on the blog simply out of the kindness to exist within the otherwise dead film..

I shall be trying out a new mamiya 645 once i ve bought myself a waist level finder so if anyone knows where i can borrow/get one cheap please do share.. x