image of the week.. impossible to tell ..but it begins

27th August 2010

So I had to wait until the sun (well light) rose this morn to take a picture of OUR pictures.. yup this weeks image of the week is the very first sheets to run through the SX70 for the project Jon Hyde and I will complete for the Impossible Project.

Kindly Jonah trecked it to a very soggy London and we spent the afternoon procrastinating in the warmth of my bedroom before agreeing to hit the cats and dogs in search of enough light to try shooting in. We fiddled with the SX70 and constrcuted a device to catch the film in on it’s release. This required incredible mathmatic/architechtual skill, patience and Blue Legume cafe time…Eventually the camera, sporting it’s oh so chic hood accompanied us to a wee spot on Church St and I took a picture of Jon. The image he took was in my room.. so who took what?

The images obviously are no where near our goal but i feel these two polaroids are iconic. They mark the beginning of our journey. Working in a medium so unpredictable is refreshing and liberating. The polaroid offers the element of excitemnt you get when you shoot film and wait eagerly at the lab to see what the contacts will reveal..

I actually really like the ghostly surreal results. The aesthetic is one you either love or hate and I think it’s fresh to see imagery that has thought and planning behind it (ie not a snapshot) yet provides an aesthetic almost impossible to recreate more than once….The best projects are those that challenge you as an image maker, frustrate you and remind you to play.