18th October 2012

Ohhhh dear.. a rare unpost from me…my excuse…

Despite jam packing my bag with film and excitedly boarding a flight to Berlin ,family values took over and my Hasselblad collected dust last week.

This was torture , but I equally feel momentous pride in resisting the selfish urge to escape and shoot and instead simply dedicated my time to my mum and sis…

A few recent images await the scanner and a mini project is resting on the shelf until publication so Im posting a few archive images.

I am realising that projects take time so meanwhile single images will perhaps develop my practice, inspire ideas and ease the writers block.

Would it be easier to escape to foreign soil,uncover new tales and see the world with fresh and thirsty eyes… or dissect the familiar… stay put and embrace the UK… there is no answer but all I know is that to get me through this grey zone I need to research, think and shoot… and not wallow in self pity… its boring.

I am really looking forward to running a few workshops this weekend for the Brighton photo fringe.. I’m nervous but equally excited!

mini plug:

SATURDAY: https://miniclickatthefringe.wordpress.com/2012/09/28/20th-october-laura-pannack-workshop/ …



One is from a continued trip to SENSE

The other two are from the Essex Prom feature

– Best fake Tan

– Lucy gets ready at the nail and hair parlour