Dare i say it…

21st August 2010

Hin my dear, tis always a pleasure..

so I managed to grab myself a bargain and pick up a Mamiya 645. A test run in the form of hitting the road with Mr Chau was a perfect excuse to escape the smoke. After much, I repeat… much, driving we soon settled for Essex and returned to South end on Sea having disregarded a few towns along the way.

Working without a waist level finder felt challenging and frustrating and this is something I need to sort…ebayyyyy..I struggled to find anything to shoot and Hin and I nestled into a retro dinner after a few umms and arrs.

Seaside cafe’s and roadside canteens seem to suck me in as I imagine a congregation of ready to shoot rare characters sipping their murky Tetley or woofing down a plate of chips whilst ranting at their toddlers..

I decided to photograph the owner during a quiet moment and despite the slightly sullen expression she was actually contently reflecting…i like leaving people to think, unfortunately we natrually look sad when we enter our own heads but allowing people time to be with themselves only entices my desire to know what they are thinking and where they are…