Image of the week… 5 by the 4

00:05 13/11/2015

So despite the disappointment I felt it was important to share one of the 5×4 pics. I’ll hold back on explaining the new project idea until it actually translates and evolves… What I love about the 5×4 is how it reminds me of pulling a duvet over your head and isolating yourself in a secret […]

Protected: purity..

10:06 28/11/2014

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Protected: Youth without age. Life without death

15:49 27/11/2014

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


06:47 11/08/2012

This body aims to examine the relationship between the subject and photographer . Placing photographers as the role of the vulnerable sitter I wanted to explore how they would behave and react .


09:37 05/07/2012

The untitled

10:45 05/05/2012

We tend to stereotype young people into groups. However, these judgments are fuel for rebellion, intensifying the search for attention, identity and belonging. I have intentionally chosen not to title my project, as I did not want to label or define any of my subjects. Likewise, I have left it unclear whether my subjects are young offenders on probation, pupils with special needs, private school attendants or other young people I have encountered. The images are simply titled with the true forename of each young person, giving the viewer a hint as to their identity without attaching stigma – and emphasizing the fact that each of my subjects is unique.

Young Love

23:59 11/03/2012

I think we often have quite a pessimistic notion of young relationships and forget that sometimes the simplicity of young love can form very strong relationships. Our ‘first love’ is a relationship we never forget and can act as template for future behavior and expectations in the future. A relationship free of worry, responsibility, experience and future plans can ultimately lead to one of fun and intimacy…

The walks

22:28 17/02/2012

This project has no beginning or end. It is the diary of the moments I allow myself to escape, alone or in company. So where shall we walk today? Anywhere …

Young British Naturists

09:49 05/01/2012

This project consists of young British naturists aged between 17 and 30. I aim to capture them as individuals, not just naturists.


05:51 01/01/2012