image of the week – past lives

00:55 02/12/2016

There are so many tales from Texas I am yearning to vent but until I’ve got my eyes over the film I’ll hold off on the stories. In the mean time I was looking back at some images from the ‘Our lives’ series and thought I would post a few that didn’t make the final […]

image(s) of the week… offline in Texas

04:12 21/11/2016

This mammoth bed is the size of my room at home and I now have Wi-Fi; it turns out the highway budget motels are totally hit and miss. I’m on the road in Texas and wishing I could do this forever. A chilled routine of strolling the vast state left me without connection to post […]

Image of the week..half a tale from Texas

05:32 11/11/2016

I post this in haste before the wifi connection fails again. For now, Texas is a quiet place despite the US drama and I’m seated at an old wooden desk in a seedy motel room off the highway. The lighting is dim, the bedspread loud and Alberto the receptionist is attending to my every need. […]

Image of the week…I fell in the woods

03:38 04/11/2016

The warmly lit, remote pub held a handful of locals who all glanced over to see a clear Londoner stroll in and order a glass of red. Amongst the smell of roast dinners and a crackling fire I sat down at a large wooden table. With no shame but ample self-awareness I opened my dark tent and […]

images of the week…double trouble

23:57 28/10/2016

Time is evaporating. My to do list of to do lists grows and I’m treading the London tide. I’ll make this a bumper post to excuse my silence over these past two Thursdays. The first image is from a shoot for the guardian weekend.  ” Sometimes we wake up and we’ve had the same dream” […]

image of the week… monochrome poems

00:38 08/10/2016

Uh Oh…it’s Friday…. I’m late I’ve been shooting more black and white recently and really enjoying how it can offer a refreshing relief. Shapes and light become a different graphic puzzle to solve.It’s also helping me out when I’m in harsh sunlight. Possibly the most unusual but perfect location to teach some students on a […]

image of the week…seeing double

01:17 30/09/2016

Past the hour but does it count? THE CHASE These past two weeks have been a beautiful contrast. From roaming the Danube and being bitten by wild dogs before jumping on a Eurostar to cut shapes with friends, see some great art and explore Amsterdam. I’ve landed back in the smoke and browsing through my edit from […]

image of the week…double Koala parks

21:40 15/09/2016

Bumper post for a crap attempt at writing one last Thursday. I started and abandoned it when my head kept jogging in tiredness. Strangers are easiest to shoot. You can unravel them rather than battle with what you know and what you don’t. Morgan and I spontaneously met on a balmy eve in Dalston. From […]

image(s) of the week…paddling pools revisited

22:56 02/09/2016

A day late….  As the rules state 2 images for this week East Tilbury stole our hearts many years ago. It was one of our first train roulette rides and an epic success. We spent the day hanging out in a suburban cul- de- sac with a group of young girls on roller skates.  Painted […]

image of the week…dreamy lakes

22:41 25/08/2016

The intense heat was relentless. As the crack of the broken passenger window let in a slight breeze I sucked in as much as I could.  Never one to moan about the summer weather I relished the feeling on my cheek and looked out to the beautiful Tuscan hills.  Soon we entered a small gravel […]