image of the week…making up for it

01:07 21/08/2015

  I couldn’t post last week, as the tale I had to tell isn’t due to print for a while so instead I’ll include a few extras this week. I’m writing this having just returned from a short trip to Hamburg and Berlin. Whilst in Berlin I ran a workshop for 5 days but also […]

image of the week….watch this space

20:27 14/08/2015

An unusal conundrum this week… I have written my post and I am ready and waiting to press PUBLISH but alas I need to wait for permission from a few folk. Soooo hang tight and the story will be a longun xx

image of the week…The Bungalows

22:56 06/08/2015

This weeks’ post is being written from my blissful (but chilly – I cant find the air con button) hotel room in Manchester. Despite living out of suitcase at the moment I’m itching to get back to Romania, as time seems to be floating by which is driving me nuts. This week’s image is another one from […]

image of the week…some late abuse

01:06 04/08/2015

My good friend Rhiannon and I embrace my mum for an overdue hug. We natter furiously like dinner ladies whilst her and her staff are idle at work crafting origami for a fundraiser. Those who have met my mum know that her eccentric hair is a reflection of her vivacious energy and my tactless blunt […]

image of the week…pig fat and the priest

23:54 23/07/2015

Our wagon pulls up to house and we check our watches… we have about 2 hours with the priest then off to the next location a few hours away. All we know is that he is blessed with a large glossy grey beard , great stature and has kindly agreed to let me take his […]

image of the week…computer says no

00:00 17/07/2015

With my laptop dead  I have been forced to use my ancient desktop which has the pace of a sloth. It seems to consider every action with such scrutiny I find myself drinking far too much tea to distract my impatience. Therefore this weeks post is a short one. It’s of Lydia…a fleeting portrait when experimenting with […]

Image of the week …Time flies

00:14 13/07/2015

With a flight to catch and my head spinning, Thursday whizzed by. As the rules state, two images for slackness Both are again from the BBC shoot. Gem Fletcher and I seem to overflow with ideas and often it is the doing that gets the cogs turning further. The cliché of the double exposure is […]

image of the week…bee bee see..

23:03 02/07/2015

Shooting teenagers is something I veered away from for a while. I have always been fascinated by adolescents; it’s a time we can all look back on with vivid and intense memories. I respect and can relate to young people. Their creativity and the way that they embrace experience and adventure with such simplicity really reminds […]

image of the week..ask me anything..but that

00:26 26/06/2015

  So what kind of photographer are you? What kind of work do you do… ?   I feel my back arch and my toes curl…I look around the room hoping that some crevice or floor tile might provide a succinct answer that will lead onto another topic, an entirely different one, one that doesn’t ask […]

image of the week…Euston we had a problem..

00:30 19/06/2015

Last week brought a hurricane of technical fury. Web hosting played havoc with my patience and unfortunately my website was down for a few days. Thankfully a saviour by the name of James Dodd came to the rescue ( I owe him a beer) Anywhooo I ve been doing some scanning whilst I delve through […]