image of the week…street scenes and talk shows

23:32 05/05/2016

A short one before I hit my nest. I had the privilege of being a guest on a photo radio talk show this week with Michael Meinhardt. He got in touch explaining he would like to record an interview on Skype that would last about an hour. His manner was warm and curious and I […]

image of the week…show but wont tell

19:41 29/04/2016

This week’s laaaaattttte post brings two very different images. One a tale can be told; the other will have to wait until it is released. As Rosie and I fish through my archive in an attempt to make sense of it I have found myself revisiting old shots. This one is from the school in […]

image of the week…I don’t want to know

16:05 22/04/2016

What happened 3 seconds before and after? I often ask myself this when looking at a picture. It’s why I cherish stills. They have to ability to encourage confusion, suspicion and interpretation. The moments before and after the execution are sacred. Only a few know the ‘truth’. I don’t want to know; I want to wonder. […]

image of the week…be still

23:55 14/04/2016

A short post before I fly into my nest. Fogged film was a disappointing result of my lab returns today. More annoyingly …what was on that roll?? Instead I decided to peek into my archive. I stumbled across this image from my Wales (test) shoot.   Forever drawn to shyness, Hannah captured my attention. As someone who rarely […]

Image of the week…new borns and fading light

20:56 08/04/2016

After two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc I hesitated to press publish before some essential sobering sleep. So for this luxury I’ll post more than one. I heard a few days back that Malky gave birth. It seems such a short time ago I was with her in Israel, drinking coffee as she sported a weenie bump. […]

Image of the week…all for the love not the dough

01:09 03/04/2016

It’s brutal how rejection becomes a part of my job that I have to learn to not just accept but also defeat. Photography is personal. Anything that embodies your soul and passion can at times leave you vulnerable. I embrace constructive criticism and actively seek it. However sometimes rejection is hard. It is a part of me, […]

image of the week…looking back at looking at

22:19 24/03/2016

Time has slipped through the net this week and perhaps the world has sped up before it decides to slow down on Sunday. I’m a tad over consumed with my to do list and my desire for an escape is reaching tipping point. Before I book a flight I thought I’d get round to scanning […]

image of the week…feel the love

00:56 18/03/2016

I feel like a giant, everything is small…the chairs, tables, even the coat pegs.  A stampede of miniature humans flood in at 12 pm and scurry around our ankles to take their place on the crayon stained carpet. All sit cross-legged and are silently attentive.  They are patiently still until their name is called , replying in […]

image of the week… you wont know until you try

20:13 10/03/2016

The hardest thing about embarking on new projects is having enough faith in the idea to pursue it. I’ve started a game adapted from my train roulette walks and I decided to trial it whilst in Leigh on Sea for the day to meet with a new gallery I’m really excited to work with. Like […]

image of the week…itch

00:07 04/03/2016

I am both physically and mentally itching. It has been a hectic week and time has escaped me. This is partly due to naively adopting a 6 week old kitten that is both epically cute and insatiably demanding. I have also managed to develop a severe allergy to said beast. It feels truly reflective of […]