Image of the week… Mamma

23:02 23/10/2014

My eyes are heavy so a dashing post. This is an image I shot for Straighttalking, a charity that employes teenage parents to go into schools and teach young people about the realities of being a parent as a teenager. The mothers and fathers somehow managed to persuade their little minxes to participate in the […]

Image of the week…baby doctor

22:56 16/10/2014

I was recently asked by The Saturday Telegraph to photograph a man who spends his days saving the lives of minuscule premature little nippers at a London hospital. Unfortunately we were informed that the shoot would be taking place in his office as all of the wards are strictly out of bounds. I knew this whole shoot […]

Image(s) of the week…true love

21:22 10/10/2014

  It seems the Immacon has been a busy boy so I ve had to wait until today to post as it was earliest I could scan this very old neg. It’s from a trip I took to South Africa about 8 years ago with my family. Looking back makes me want to revisit the […]

Image of the week…Tracey

23:16 02/10/2014

I don’t usually post a commission but thought I would share a recent shoot with Tracey Emin for the Observer magazine. Having access into an artists studio feels intrusive. It is like walking into their most intimate creative space, a nest where they reside to release their inner thoughts and feel safe. Paula Rego’s world is […]

Image of the week…if at first you don’t succeed…

21:55 25/09/2014

  Image of the week comes from an old test shoot for YWA LWD. In my tired haze I’m due an early night so Ill keep the post brief with the promise of a deeper tale next week. There’s much for me to learn with this project and I am torn between continued planning and […]

image of the week…before..

20:25 21/09/2014

I was dabbling with if to just skip a week or post bashfully. Opting for the latter here are a couple of images. One from the Portland trip and the other from some time experimenting and playing with ideas for Romania Regressing back to my days in the darkroom I decided to play with the […]

Image of the week…the pigeon men part 2

22:38 11/09/2014

This weeks post is a couple of polaroids of said pigeon men from last weeks post…   This week I have gone back to basics…loading black & white film onto spools (great word) in the darkroom. My developing skills are beyond crap, long gone are the days when I prided myself on being a hermit and […]

Image of the week…(weekend) return to the land

18:48 05/09/2014

After a much needed Waitrose and Starbucks stop off Hin and I continue our epic drive to the land that draws us back for a weekend getaway. Portland is a self-confessed strange place. It markets itself on the eerie and displaced atmosphere of a tiny island dull of nothing but prisons and quarries. Pumped full […]

Image of the week…testing testing , one, two, three

22:28 28/08/2014

This weeks image is a sneak peak from the test shoots I have been doing in preparation for my next adventure for ‘Youth without age, Life without death.’ Myself, Katherine and Andrei have been working hard spending many an hour philosophizing about how to convey our ideas and play. It’s a continually fun process in […]

Image of the week…Barking

22:32 21/08/2014

I enjoyed today. I shot stills and moving for a commission from TIME. I usually avoid video like marzipan but actually it was fun , smooth and stress free. My brain only works in single stages and to be fair the footage needed was very basic but I must admit it has made me slightly […]