image of the week…rules are rules

10:17 28/02/2015

Yup I missed my Thursday deadline so more than one image shall be delivered. I excitedly announced yesterday that the wonderful wyatt-clarke&jones have welcomed me into their family! I have known the team for over 7 years, they’ve seen me grow and I’m looking forward to being part of their clan alongside their inspiring talent. […]

Image of the week…oui oui..(jouer avec les chiffres)

18:11 19/02/2015

I love to travel and a day trip to Paris was warmly welcomed. Aboard the Eurostar, I daydreamed up poetic notions of strolling classily down cobbled streets whilst nibbling on a croissant. Paris exudes elegance and romance…even at 6 am. The Sunday Times asked me to meet mathematician Cedric Villani. After a quick Google search I found a 19th-century aristocratic spider, which had just stepped out of […]

image of the week.. a fleeting post

00:11 13/02/2015

Before I hit the hay after travelling to Amsterdam and back today (via Southend) I have a weeny post for you. If I dare try to tell a tale I fear I’ll either fall asleep, or write utter gibberish ,so Ill keep it short This image is from way, way back when I was on assignment […]

image of the week …Dammmm it’s cold- fail to succeed

22:37 05/02/2015

It’s been an intense (and and chilly) few days judging World Press Photo in Amsterdam but the team really have looked after us! 14256 images down to a final 6 for singles and stories. The process was exciting, harsh and interesting. The psychology of the judging experience is eye opening. Luckily, my two sidekicks were […]

image of the week…out-takes and emotions

20:15 30/01/2015

Naughty…Thursday slipped by into the abyss of red wine and music and I lost my sense of reality…but fear not the hang over was/is karma for my slack commitment. As the rules clearly state I have posted several images. A few are the out takes from The Kate Tempest shoot for the Sunday Times a […]

Image of the week…Ferris wheels and radio shows…

00:05 23/01/2015

A few years ago my little sister moved to Berlin. Whilst I visited her we naturally decided to break into a famous abandoned theme park that was neglected, draped in vines and promised adventure. This tale ended sadly and after climbing the 8-foot high fence she suddenly gained a new fear of heights, and fences. […]

Image of the week… I found my father

00:06 16/01/2015

So this weeks post is a neg I found from about 8 years ago. Hoovering your archive can be cleansing and insightful. This image is from our family trip to South Africa. We were visiting my Auntie Iris in a home in Cape town and the whole trip was an emotional one. I was asked […]

image of the week…a visit from a sidekick

23:58 08/01/2015

I held back from posting a recent Romanian image, I need to be patient and shoot more.  A lovely visit from Terry, (my nudist reporter sidekick) this week has inspired this post. We sipped wine and caught up on adventures. I confessed that this assignment was at times slightly frustrating, as I had already experienced what […]

Image of the week…wet and cold

21:18 01/01/2015

This weeks post may well be an incoherent scramble of words from my hungover brain as I harnessed my youthful spirit and went all out on NYE. Wet plate collodion is a process I have been patiently exploring. It’s a tricky one to master and with it comes the beauty of unpredictability. Working with a large […]

Image of the week… tradition

23:53 25/12/2014

Christmas tradition in Romania demands no turkey for the table. Instead pigs are slaughtered. Veggies beware if you decide to holiday in December to Maramures. Early mornings are filled with the cry of pigs and families gather at dawn to sacrifice the animal together.  It was interesting (but also challenging) to watch but I was fortunate […]