Image of the week…testing testing , one, two, three

22:28 28/08/2014

This weeks image is a sneak peak from the test shoots I have been doing in preparation for my next adventure for ‘Youth without age, Life without death.’ Myself, Katherine and Andrei have been working hard spending many an hour philosophizing about how to convey our ideas and play. It’s a continually fun process in […]

Image of the week…Barking

22:32 21/08/2014

I enjoyed today. I shot stills and moving for a commission from TIME. I usually avoid video like marzipan but actually it was fun , smooth and stress free. My brain only works in single stages and to be fair the footage needed was very basic but I must admit it has made me slightly […]

Image of the week…a short double

23:05 14/08/2014

  This week’s post is shorter than expected …sorry. So in replacement with now very weary eyes Ill share a snap of Lydia from our gentle stroll. We are still yet to swap but we both enjoyed playing in the woods. Next week a tale, I promise OAO x

image of the week…double walks…

19:22 08/08/2014

Yup …late     Ho hum… well this week brought lots of play, test shoots for new projects with a mix of fun commissions. I went on a lovely walk with new company in Deptford..untrodden land for my feet. I was greeted by friendly locals and plenty of pound shops. I ve been continuing my […]

Image(s) of the week.. wine and slumber

15:36 01/08/2014

  The devilish world of the private view stole me last night and my blog post attempt was incoherent so instead I opted for the nest, and here I am. These images are from the spring visit for the new project and come from two days of warm greetings with similar families. The first is […]

Image of the week…no storm

17:07 24/07/2014

    London life…or perhaps freelance life in general lends itself to scatty plans, postponed arrangements and the ever changing scribbling that is my diary. However if you really want to do something or see someone, eventually, if you’re lucky it happens. Lydia and I have spent most of a year leaving each other after […]

image of the week…je suis désolé

23:22 17/07/2014

Arles stole my body , mind and liver last week so a post was missed ( darn it). For my sins an extra image. This first is from the Romanian adventure in prep for a new project. On the hunt for anything relating to our tale we tracked down some locals returning from a funeral. […]

Image of the week…Leica Leica

22:13 03/07/2014

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be running a workshop for Leica. The day looked at challenging how we interact with strangers and how we form connections with those we photograph. Greeted by a dashing man dressed in smart attire and 6 eager students from Ravensbourne we found ourselves with 7 new Leica M240 camera series to play […]

image of the week… for you amigo…

22:28 26/06/2014

I dedicate this post to my steed… Editing and analysing work is a challenge and every time I view my images I feel  impatient, empty and uncreative but rather than wallow in self pity I itch to learn and improve …but NOW. Like the scene in the Matrix where Trinity learns a language effortlessly and […]

Image of the week…it’s alive!

23:29 20/06/2014

My baby has finally been returned…. still slightly poorly but just about well enough to deliver a very delayed post.. The past few weeks of technical meltdowns has tested my patience and my desire to run away is surfacing. Here are a few from the last Romanian trip The first is from a lush stroll […]