Image of the week..what are you waiting for?

00:15 29/05/2015

Today seems like it started three days ago … This post may make no sense. With my camera still at the docs I am destined to search old negs and I am once again craving a stroll. It’s been a while since I took ‘ a walk’ and I think a little adventure would suit […]

Image of the week…as promised …

23:01 21/05/2015

Punctual = YAY I delved into the archive for this frame as my baby is still at the docs. This one is an oldie from a Romanian trip….I really am craving an adventure of some sort soon This fella kindly stood silently for me some years ago now when I first visited a weekend market. The […]

Image(s) of the week…well hey there!

21:42 17/05/2015

Unfortunately this post will have to be a short one as I oh so skillfully, poured a bottle of water over my laptop…YAY! So typing this is a joke I need to be more disciplined . I ‘ve slipped back into bad habits of belated posts so I herby promise next week will be a punctual […]

Image of the week…a late legend : Lucas

16:36 10/05/2015

  I have no idea if and how Thursday passed me by. I’m currently nursing a hangover on a train back from giving an RPS talk in Manchester. It seems everyone on my carriage loves cheese and onion crisps and ran a marathon today…the odours are interesting. Speaking about myself feels self-obsessed and embarrassing, especially when […]

Image of the week…isolating the unusual

00:31 01/05/2015

In a previous post I mentioned my annual battle with capturing the epicness of Purim. The costumes, chaos and overall rarity of the celebration soon become a mind-field. I often end up wandering the streets sporting many a camera and desperately unraveling how and when to take a picture. The usually forbidden rule of photographing […]

Images of the week … and a beast that dies young

22:24 24/04/2015

She slacks again… oh dear.. 2 images and something new..   I m adding a new part to my website. You may have spotted the little title ‘Mayfly’ subtly balancing on the end of my menu bar. It’s a bit of fun and a nod to the beauty of fate and chance. I will sporadically […]

Images of the week…my baby broke & cheese sandwiches???

20:56 17/04/2015

  Totally missed my Thursday slot…apologies and 2 for my sins Romania seems to have a habit of breaking things ( bones, stomachs, film and cameras) . It seems like this project is out to test me in many ways. But I’m learning; not to drink unpasteurized milk, not to buy film off ebay and […]

image of the week…swapping decisions..

16:56 02/04/2015

This week I need some help. I am delighted to report that just in time for the deadline I managed to squeeze in a last swap for Stuart Pilkington. ( Stuart is one of the most supportive shooters out there in the photographic community. He brings together image-makers and encourages them to embark on mini […]

image of the week…eyes open and teary…

23:13 26/03/2015

  The latest trip to Romania was a real eye opener. I’ve seen poverty worldwide from Ghana to Glasgow but the Roma estate we visited was a real shock to the system. As we entered a lady in her late 50′s clambered out from a skip and crossed our path, my eyes following her as […]

image of the week…. “I’m sorry you didn’t make it”

23:12 19/03/2015

With any project, the more you shoot the more you evict images from the edit. I’m holding back on showing works in progress as I am still very much figuring out the direction I am taking, what I am exploring, and how. This weekend is Photo-Meet ( and I am thrilled to be involved although […]