Image of the week…sno owwwww

19:13 11/12/2014

Moan proceeding: I booked a last minute flight to Romania and after 2 days contracted a vile tummy bug. Awesome. I’m so shit to be around – ratty, impatient and vexed. Moan over However the trip has been brilliant fun despite this. My translator Cornelia had little idea of what the week would entail and […]

image of the week.. kate

01:29 05/12/2014

This shoot was a genuine pleasure. It comes at a time when I am yearning to learn and explore new techniques. The editor of the Sunday Times thought of the idea of projecting the strong words of Tempest into the frame. After a few test shoots and much dabbling with projectors we eliminated the obstacles […]

image of the

00:59 28/11/2014

Revising old techniques, learning new skills and experimenting is a must. As part of this project I am exploring the idea of producing wet plate collodion on site. Since first trying it 2 years ago I have become hooked. The craft and nostalgic smell of developer create a lustful desire to test my patience with […]

image of the week….ahhhhhhh

00:27 21/11/2014

Generalising on a nation would be madness wouldn’t it? However I wonder how many people would welcome strangers to gate-crash their family picnic in the woods on a calm Sunday afternoon? Then insist they join, share their home made food and drinks and relax in the company of their relatives? Welcome to Romania. Perhaps I […]

Image of the week…John Kobal Award

22:08 13/11/2014

Staring at the 6 prints the day they needed to be couriered to the National Portrait Gallery, as always I reached out for advice from anyone standing within 3 meters. Much debate was had over if to enter the portrait of the beautiful young girl with red hair. Would the cliche of twins and red […]

image of the week…courgettes everywhere

00:40 07/11/2014

This weeks post is a commission for The Sunday Times and The Saturday Telegraph. Ideally I would like to post some recent personal work but I ll have to be patient . Next Thursday I will also be revealing some exciting news too.   These two gorgeous lasses were the sisters I shot for a […]

Image of the week…digging amongst negs

00:01 31/10/2014

This weeks post is the result of me drunkenly purchasing new furniture off of ebay recently and therefore completely re decorating my room. Whilst moving my entire archive of negs and books I felt the need to revisit some old memories. This is a scan of some old negs from South Africa. – a family holiday at Christmas. […]

Image of the week… Mamma

23:02 23/10/2014

My eyes are heavy so a dashing post. This is an image I shot for Straighttalking, a charity that employes teenage parents to go into schools and teach young people about the realities of being a parent as a teenager. The mothers and fathers somehow managed to persuade their little minxes to participate in the […]

Image of the week…baby doctor

22:56 16/10/2014

I was recently asked by The Saturday Telegraph to photograph a man who spends his days saving the lives of minuscule premature little nippers at a London hospital. Unfortunately we were informed that the shoot would be taking place in his office as all of the wards are strictly out of bounds. I knew this whole shoot […]

Image(s) of the week…true love

21:22 10/10/2014

  It seems the Immacon has been a busy boy so I ve had to wait until today to post as it was earliest I could scan this very old neg. It’s from a trip I took to South Africa about 8 years ago with my family. Looking back makes me want to revisit the […]