image of the 1

21:12 04/02/2016

“Be calm, be silent, be kind and above all, be tolerant”   I repeat this mantra in my head as the sweaty slow Rabbi pushes past me amongst the cattle to board our vessel. I keep my head down and silently feel smug that I have a 3 seater and sleeping pills to protect me […]

image of the week…palm readings and Rubiks cubes

22:45 28/01/2016

Having a camera is like a key to unlock any strangers door. You can enter any conversation with a purpose, a request, an offer. The first 3 minutes of meeting someone I am to photograph is a beautifully nervous one. The delicate and important first impressions and gentle tread of new ground. A friend kindly […]

image of the week…i am in heaven

00:32 25/01/2016

I wrote this post on Friday but wanted to save it until I was back The lanterns perfectly fill the tent with a calming ambience and the couple next to me sip red wine and chain smoke roll ups as I reluctantly put down my book and type this post. I came here to escape […]

image of the week…looking back

00:59 15/01/2016

It’s past my bedtime so I’ll keep it brief… “When are you off to Romania?” a message asks… Good question I think Trawling through negs and hard drives seems to be the story of my life and I came across this one yesterday. It reminded me of how when you’re faced with a language barrier it […]

Image of the week..take a look at yourself

01:00 09/01/2016

How often do you look at your reflection without purpose or criticism? Really observe and reflect? Why would you? I read in the New Scientist years ago about a study that explores the process of staring at ones’ reflection and how our perception of the self shifts. After ten minutes we remove ourselves from the expectation […]

Image of the week…the art of decisiveness…

17:11 31/12/2015

I am awful at making decisions unless on a shoot. For some reason when taking a picture I have a very one-track mind but when it comes to life decisions I often run away and suffer in limbo. Perhaps I should be less analytical and more care free, not worry so much. I mention this flaw […]

image of the week…another tradition

23:26 24/12/2015

At 6 am the screaming squealing foxes. We head out early in the rain and arrive just in time to see the huge beast being dragged reluctantly across the path. It’s heart breaking and painful to witness but I have already mentally prepared myself. I have always believed that the greatest emotion is hope […]

image of the week…trails

22:07 17/12/2015

Climbing aboard the Monsey bus I hand over my $9 to a lifeless looking driver. I am adorning a long skirt below my knees, thick tights and a polo neck jumper. It’s 26 degrees Celsius. I brush past the dark woollen dividing curtain to sit amongst the women and prepare myself for the long haul drive […]

image of the week…so late it’s early

10:11 13/12/2015

Hmmm this must be up there with one of my slackest posts, for my sins- quantity: I always find Christmas a weird contradiction of chaos and isolation. The streets are rammed with stampedes of stressed and over tired shoppers then a week later they lay beautifully apocalyptic. Before the holidays it I’ve been trying to squeeze in another test […]

image of the week…from old to new

23:54 03/12/2015

Meetings… often feel pointless. Circled conversations, deluded ambitions and too much coffee usually result in me procrastinating on projects but convincing myself I’m being productive. However, some brains blend so well with a latte that I often leave feeling elated and invincible. Gem Fletcher is one of those brains. Oversubscribed with projects I’m lucky to kidnap her occasionally.  She is everything […]