image of the week…some late abuse

01:06 04/08/2015

My good friend Rhiannon and I embrace my mum for an overdue hug. We natter furiously like dinner ladies whilst her and her staff are idle at work crafting origami for a fundraiser. Those who have met my mum know that her eccentric hair is a reflection of her vivacious energy and my tactless blunt […]

image of the week…pig fat and the priest

23:54 23/07/2015

Our wagon pulls up to house and we check our watches… we have about 2 hours with the priest then off to the next location a few hours away. All we know is that he is blessed with a large glossy grey beard , great stature and has kindly agreed to let me take his […]

image of the week…computer says no

00:00 17/07/2015

With my laptop dead  I have been forced to use my ancient desktop which has the pace of a sloth. It seems to consider every action with such scrutiny I find myself drinking far too much tea to distract my impatience. Therefore this weeks post is a short one. It’s of Lydia…a fleeting portrait when experimenting with […]

Image of the week …Time flies

00:14 13/07/2015

With a flight to catch and my head spinning, Thursday whizzed by. As the rules state, two images for slackness Both are again from the BBC shoot. Gem Fletcher and I seem to overflow with ideas and often it is the doing that gets the cogs turning further. The cliché of the double exposure is […]

image of the week…bee bee see..

23:03 02/07/2015

Shooting teenagers is something I veered away from for a while. I have always been fascinated by adolescents; it’s a time we can all look back on with vivid and intense memories. I respect and can relate to young people. Their creativity and the way that they embrace experience and adventure with such simplicity really reminds […]

image of the week..ask me anything..but that

00:26 26/06/2015

  So what kind of photographer are you? What kind of work do you do… ?   I feel my back arch and my toes curl…I look around the room hoping that some crevice or floor tile might provide a succinct answer that will lead onto another topic, an entirely different one, one that doesn’t ask […]

image of the week…Euston we had a problem..

00:30 19/06/2015

Last week brought a hurricane of technical fury. Web hosting played havoc with my patience and unfortunately my website was down for a few days. Thankfully a saviour by the name of James Dodd came to the rescue ( I owe him a beer) Anywhooo I ve been doing some scanning whilst I delve through […]

image of the week…rejected pupps

22:23 04/06/2015

As I continue to delve through the negs from my trips I am forcing myself to remain optimistic about the project and remember that it’s all about the learning. The experiences have been plentiful and at the moment, that’s my main incentive. I am pre-planning some ideas and sketching a few scenes before I travel and this image is […]

Image of the week..what are you waiting for?

00:15 29/05/2015

Today seems like it started three days ago … This post may make no sense. With my camera still at the docs I am destined to search old negs and I am once again craving a stroll. It’s been a while since I took ‘ a walk’ and I think a little adventure would suit […]

Image of the week…as promised …

23:01 21/05/2015

Punctual = YAY I delved into the archive for this frame as my baby is still at the docs. This one is an oldie from a Romanian trip….I really am craving an adventure of some sort soon This fella kindly stood silently for me some years ago now when I first visited a weekend market. The […]