image of the week..into the void

00:23 20/11/2015

A quick post as my lids are heavy and my brain a cloud. Black and white is something I crave to return to more regularly at the moment but when shooting it needs to be a commitment. I don’t have the ability to switch between colour and black & white and for an irrational reason have […]

Image of the week… 5 by the 4

00:05 13/11/2015

So despite the disappointment I felt it was important to share one of the 5×4 pics. I’ll hold back on explaining the new project idea until it actually translates and evolves… What I love about the 5×4 is how it reminds me of pulling a duvet over your head and isolating yourself in a secret […]

image of the week…failure is productive

23:44 05/11/2015

I hate driving. Being stuck in a small space for more than an hour either sends me into a coma or a state of deep depression/boredom. Fortunately for me I had great company and a busy two-day shoot to organise. I texted and called like a PA on crack as we travelled in Dan’s old […]

Image of the week… from the island of squirrels

15:33 23/10/2015

I refrained from posting this last night as my head swayed like a pendulum over the keyboard, so instead I ve shoved an extra image or two in from the rejected archive. “How is it Thursday again? I’m currently nestled on Roosevelt Island. With an abundance of squirrels and not much else I’m feeling a tad isolated but […]

image of the week… behind in hours

22:53 16/10/2015

  Despite gaining 5 hours in ‘get out of jail’ time I am still very delayed on my post. So this weeks image (s – rules are rules) are from the 24-hour TIME shoot and the BBC shoot.    With crusty sleep deprived eyes RA and I arrived at Smithfields meat market at 4 am […]

Image of the week…the Easter before

23:15 08/10/2015

It seems so recently I managed to roam the halls of the beautiful old school in Costiui. Each room had so much character and laden with ideas I returned back with Lucky as my guide. History seeped from the walls and mountains of random objects lay waiting to be found . My childhood dream of being on Funhouse had finally come […]

image of the week…the mystery of consent

23:35 01/10/2015

This image of the week is from a recent time I spent teaching a workshop in Berlin. We discussed how we approach people and when we decide to form a relationship with another. One thing that came up a few times was consent. I find this topic really interesting. Whether my mind wanders to Kevin […]

Image of the week…bonding with beasts

22:22 24/09/2015

I avoid photographing my family,peers, lovers and close friends. I find it challenging in a mundane sense. I don’t want to ‘know’ them as subjects and feel I already know them too well to unravel any further truths. However my dad is a bit different. He intrigues me and I rarely see pictures of him - we […]

image of the week…broken machines and broken thoughts

20:25 18/09/2015

  Im unravelling stunted projects and dealing with the disappointment of not having any flights lined up. Sitting still in london for a while means I need to concentrate on how to have adventures nearer to home. Running away is an easy option when it comes to curing my writers block but for now my […]

image of the week…runaway

00:05 11/09/2015

Don’t get me wrong…I love London. Just a few hours ago I blissfully stumbled back home through the hazy Soho lights, drowning in the noise of hectic streets. London gives you the anonymity to daydream and in some ways escape. It’s nice to be back but something in me is still nagging. I feel the need to […]