image of the week… invisible alien

00:06 22/07/2016

I keep returning to this image. It seems the roll that I shot near the arrest held many moments within a small window. I’m used to feeling alien, the glistening stare from local faces that follow me as I stroll with a sense of acceptance. It seems where ever I travel I never blend in. […]

image of the week… how many men does it take to change the internet?

00:02 15/07/2016

The water stubbornly refuses to warm as my hand begins to go numb as I hold it under the shower. It’s early and the room is dark but the lights wont come on. A power cut I presume. Taking a deep breath I brave a rabbit wash hastily and dive into layers the other side to warm […]

image of the week… stolen by rosé

21:43 10/07/2016

In true Arles style I abandoned my blogging and destroyed my liver. Now aboard the Eurostar I wearily type and post two images for my sins.   Another two from my fleeting Albanian reccy. I’m eager to squeeze in another trip back but will have to see what the diary allows. In the mean time […]

image of the week..last shot

17:40 30/06/2016

I’m always late… Maybe it’s a childish playful mission to beat the notion of time, or simply a lack of ability to time manage. It is never more prominent than when I’m shooting. Sometimes the vacuum I enter when I look through the viewfinder is transporting. I’m often taken to a land of calm, exciting and serene timelessness. When I […]

Image of the week…the arrest ..

22:04 23/06/2016

Day 4 I smell of goats. (To be explained another time) Today we visited the nearest town. Besa informed me it had a violent history. Around 1997 the gang culture and violence was rife. Apparently you’d lose your tyres if you parked there for more than 15 minutes. But once we arrived I found this hard […]

image of the week…call of duty

10:03 10/06/2016

Here’s the post I pre wrote in the airport late Wed night… I suppose part of growing up is about letting things go. Taking that deep sigh and accepting that ‘It is what it is’. But the spoilt three year old in me is having a tantrum and as I watch the sun set over a glass of red […]

image of the week… broken bank holiday Brucey bonus

23:39 02/06/2016

I have the lush excuse that my site was down last week so this weeks post will have more than one tale and a few pics to fill in the gaps. I wont reveal the image from this tale as it is still unpublished but will recall a specific story. The pastor and I text […]

image of the week… people watching

00:25 19/05/2016

Folkestone woes our tired limbs once again as we wave London adieu, tuck into some grub and catch up on life. Emily is a favourite of mine. Our moods are fortunately synced. We are up for a relaxed wander and as ever, a chance to escape the smoke. After negotiating the main roads like feral kittens […]

image of the week…the other Sadiq

23:47 12/05/2016

An apologetic editor from TIME calls me at 1 am to let me know the last min shoot tomorrow is on…she need not apologise, usually I’d fall straight back to sleep but I’m excited and drift off slowly looking forward to the rushed but intriguing shoot. All I know is that I am shooting the […]

image of the week…street scenes and talk shows

23:32 05/05/2016

A short one before I hit my nest. I had the privilege of being a guest on a photo radio talk show this week with Michael Meinhardt. He got in touch explaining he would like to record an interview on Skype that would last about an hour. His manner was warm and curious and I […]