Image of the week…láska z Prahy

21:18 17/04/2014

This very brief post comes from my hotel room in Prague. I’m currently away on a job . I’d like to revisit for a more free spirited adventure , but for now I’m with a great team and staring out of the window as much as I can on our drives.   Before I get […]

Image of the week…pigs behind bars…

23:04 10/04/2014

  Short but sweet post as I have heavy eyes..   This weeks image is from one of many markets we hit whilst in Romania. The polaroids have been a visual diary for me to recall what we did from day to day as well as a chance to look back with different eyes. The […]

Image of the week.. little thoughts…

23:46 03/04/2014

This week is a slightly delayed entry but depending on my various clocks and watches I may have actually made a Thursday post. (I purposely set all of my clocks to different variants of future time to teach/prevent me from being late…. it doesn’t work.) Tonight was the Labyrinth (4 years in development opening) as […]

Image of the week…slacker

23:06 28/03/2014

I am seriously lagging in keeping up with the days at the moment and despite shooting some memorable editorials I am held from sharing until it’s published so I shall reveal another Romanian scan from YWA,LWD. This one is from one of my favorite days from the trip. Each day was eventful in good and […]

Image of the week…old widows & babies

23:07 20/03/2014

So rather than share recent Romanian adventures I thought I’d keep my head down and use the images to think. Instead here are a few from a trip that seems (and was) ions ago to the widow and Dallas baby villages. My Polaroid stash is completely dry, which is always a heartbreaking and frustrating reminder […]

Image of the week…back to reality

00:46 14/03/2014

Preparing myself for the ‘beige’ feeling of returning to a routine is never an easy task. However the sun is shinning and I need to simply reflect and plan my next adventure in order to relish the times when I am shooting. Projects in the UK seem to be moving all too slowly and research […]

Image of the week…Once upon a time..

14:38 08/03/2014

  Apologies in the masses for the delayed post and for my sins a few images and a tale     I have now returned from Roam Mania where my baby decided to break and I had no choice but to jet back. The images that I shot seem like a starting point for the […]

Image of the week…ROAM MANIA…

20:50 27/02/2014

So Romania is now my land (for this week). I am blessed to be staying with an amazing host who is  angelic.  Andrei, Gabriel and I have been roaming the land and I only wish I could stay longer. However today was a bloody disaster. After a disappointing mission to a very cruddy lake and […]

Image of the week… I have internet! what day is it?

22:09 21/02/2014

I ve lost track of time and only just realized its Friday… I am finally away all i can post is what I have with me. This is an old scan from my days back at Newport ( teaching last year). I managed to squeeze in an adventure to Port talbot. The journey was a […]

Image of the week…Another TIME , another light

00:06 14/02/2014

  Dusk is settling and the warm Calafornia air promises a beautiful sunset. With a miniscule window of prescious light Cris-ian and I know that our chosen location needs to be an epic vision. I have a vivid  idea of what would be a suitable backdrop but as we race around various national parks whilst […]