image of the week…time management

22:59 12/02/2017

My slackness is becoming more than a bad habit and I need to take a class in time management For my sins two images, It’s an arduous but essential process to painfully revisit everything I’ve shot from Romania and this neg is one I seem to return to. In the cold, damp storeroom of the old […]

image of the week…shooting the floor

14:28 02/02/2017

I have a knack for being frivolous and occasionally feel more comfortable firing odd the last few frames to the floor when needing to finish a roll. This is because it relieves the pressure of having to rush and find something ‘’interesting’ to shoot. However I am trying to be more open minded and less […]

image of the week…you were in the future

22:23 30/01/2017

Nyc swallowed me up and Thursday flew by without me catching it.  So now aboard and in the air Ill write the over due post with more than one pic for my neglect The moon was huge, hanging fat in the purple sky as night crept in. We stopped outside the only shop in the […]

Image of the week…revealing

01:05 22/01/2017

With little sleep and a vow to never drinking gin again I collided with Rachel in our traditional fashion. Ever expecting a late pannack her draw dropped and eyes widened at the surprisingly punctual greeting at the train barriers. Hunting for caffeine in the fresh winter sun we attempted to fill in the gaps. Rach […]

image of the week …seeing Dad

23:28 12/01/2017

Unraveling a subject is so much easier when they are a stranger. Dad and I started taking pictures of each other last year when I treated myself to the Wista. It has become an organic way to get to know each other a bit better and have some fun. Last weekend my living room table […]

Image of the week…All for nuthin

23:44 06/01/2017

“Who’s idea was it to come to Texas anyway?” I avoid the question. 21 days and over 2000 miles later I still don’t know the answer. The working title of our trip ‘All for nuthin’ gained a stronger relevance as the days passed. Nevertheless, the true value of any trip is the adventure. “Something will […]

image of the week…Italian games

23:10 29/12/2016

Before I tuck myself in for the night I’ll throw a few frames from Italy your way. The sun was intense as we targeted a local village about an hour from base. I strolled the two main ‘high streets’ expecting to find little inspiration until I saw a large hall with a cafe inside. I […]

image of the week…Thanks for the hate

17:05 22/12/2016

  I recently heard that Krzysztof Kieślowski’s retired when he felt he had peaked and succeeded. He wanted to avoid the rejection of critics and the inevitable downfall of his career. He believed that like all successful artists, he would eventually have to plummet into failure. Pleasing the trends as an artist doesn’t make any sense […]

images of the week..they say running away isn’t the answer…

23:54 15/12/2016

But I still think it may be…. I’ve been back less than two weeks and I feel ready to climb aboard a plane. The banality of Christmas sends me into a coma. I can’t take the slow pace colliding with the consumerist frantic rush …where has this moaning rant come from…I sound like scrooge? Has the once […]

image of the week – past lives

00:55 02/12/2016

There are so many tales from Texas I am yearning to vent but until I’ve got my eyes over the film I’ll hold off on the stories. In the mean time I was looking back at some images from the ‘Our lives’ series and thought I would post a few that didn’t make the final […]