The untitled

May 5, 2012 at 10:45 am

  • Shut out from the teenage world the majority of us struggle to comprehend the behavior of some adolescents. Through a lack of understanding, which breeds fear, we tend to stereotype young people. However, these judgments are fuel for rebellion, intensifying the search for identity and belonging.

    The invincible yet vulnerable nature of teenagers has inspired me to embark on photographic adventures, sharing their company and releasing their undefined identity through the art of picture making.

    I have intentionally chosen not to title my project, as I did not want to label or define any of my subjects. Likewise, I have left it unclear whether my subjects are young offenders on probation, pupils with special needs, private school attendants or other young people I have encountered. The images are simply titled with the true forename of each young person, giving the viewer a hint as to their identity without attaching stigma – and emphasizing the fact that each of my subjects is unique.

    Adolescence is a universal experience and by considering these images we can begin to reflect and connect with the subject. Young people are a constant reminder of our existence, our past and our identity. Just as we wonder for them, we also review whom we have grown up to become.

  • Jordan
  • Gemma
  • David
  • Holly
  • Oscar
  • Carly
  • Cassie
  • David
  • Gareth
  • Alice
  • Mike
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